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Python Training in Hyderabad Curriculum

Core Python: Setting up and running Python

  • Distributions – python.org, anaconda python
  • Shells – python, Jupyter,
  • IDES – Pycharm, spyder, eclipse
  • Editors - Visual Studio Code, Atom
  • Python 2 vs 3
  • First program - ‘Hello World!’
  • Interpretation and .pyc, .pyo files
  • Python Implementations – CPython, Ironpython, Jython, pypy

Introduction: Values and variables

  • Python data types
  • type(), id(), sys.getsizeof()
  • Python labeling system
  • Object pooling
  • Conversion functions
  • The language which knew infinity
  • Console input, output
  • Operators in python
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Relational operators
  • Logical operators
  • Assignment operators
  • Bitwise operators
  • Membership operators
  • Identity operators
  • Ternary Operator

Strings: Define a string - Multiple quotes and Multiple lines

  • String functions
  • String slicing - start, end & step
  • Negative indexing

Built-in functions: Type conversions

  • int()
  • float()
  • bool()
  • str()
  • complex()
  • Interview questions
  • Exercise Programs
  • Summary

Control structures:

  • if statement
  • if - else statement
  • if - elif statement
  • Nest if-else
  • Multiple if
  • Which control structure to choose?
  • Looping statements
  • while loop
  • for loop
  • range()
  • xrange()
  • Iterator and generator Introduction
  • for - else
  • When to use for-else ?
  • Interview Questions
  • Exercise Programs
  • Summary

Data structures: List

  • Introduction to List
  • Purpose of a List
  • Iterating through a List
  • List slicing, -ve indexing
  • Internals of list
  • List Operations
  • Searching for an element
  • In and count()
  • Adding an element
  • append()
  • insert()
  • Removing an element
  • remove()
  • pop()
  • Merging two lists
  • + operator
  • extend()
  • Ordering a list
  • sort()
  • reverse()
  • Finding index of an element - index()
  • List of lists
  • Comparing list

Homogeneous data

  • Built-in array.array()
  • numpy.array()

Tuple: Introduction of Tuple

  • Tuple Slicing
  • -ve indexing
  • Iterating through a Tuple
  • List of tuples Vs Tuple of Lists
  • Purpose of a tuple

List Vs Tuple - An interviewer’s question: Set

  • Introduction of set
  • How to remove duplicates in list?
  • How set removes duplicates?
  • Set functions
  • Searching for an element
  • In - The fastest
  • Adding an element
  • add()
  • Removing an element
  • remove()
  • discard()
  • pop()
  • Relation between two sets
  • intersection()
  • union()
  • difference()
  • isdisjoint()
  • issubset()
  • issuperset()
  • Merging two sets
  • update()

Sets are hashable but Lists or unhashable: Set Use-Cases

  • Dictionary
  • Introduction of Dictionary - Associative data structure
  • Creating a Dictionary
  • Adding elements to Dictionary
  • Deleting key value pair
  • Updating / extending a Dictionary
  • Iterating through a Dictionary
  • Tuple unpacking method
  • Converting list/tuples of tuples/lists into Dictionary
  • Converting Dictionary to List of tuples
  • Lambda introduction
  • Sorting List of tuples and dictionaries
  • Finding max(), min() in a dict
  • Wherever you go, dictionary follows you!

Counter() - simplest counting algorithm

  • DefaultDict - Always has a value
  • OrderedDict - Maintains order
  • Dequeue - Short time memory loss
  • Forzenset() – hashable set
  • namedtuple() – hashable dict
  • Heapq - efficient in-memory min-heap()
  • heapify()
  • nlargest()
  • nsmallest()
  • heappush()
  • heappop()

Importance of Hashability: Packing and Unpacking

  • Swapping two values
  • List packing and Unpacking
  • Tuple packing and Unpacking
  • String packing and Unpacking
  • Set packing and Unpacking
  • Iterator using iter() and next()

Does This Python Learning Program Offer Real-Time Training?

Yes, the training delivery in this Python certification course is purely real-time job-centric. As a part of this Python course, the training team at our Python institute will be explaining various concepts by giving many real-world examples.

Will I Get to Work on Practical in this Python Institute in Hyderabad?

Yes, as a part of this Python Training in Hyderabad program, you will be given multiple projects to work on. This program works towards helping you develop real-world practical skill sets in programming. Complete our certification course from our best platform for Python in Hyderabad and secure a job with excellent packages. Programming in Python is a lot of fun and you learn to code practically.

Is this Python learning platform Ideal For Beginners?

Yes, this instructor led training course program is ideal for both beginners and professionals who wish to reach new career heights.

Will you give me placement assistance in this Python Certification course in Hyderabad?

Yes, as a part of our program, we will be extending our 100% support to our students in helping them get placed. We are the Best Python training institute in Hyderabad that offers top-notch training to the students in the key concepts along with excellent placement opportunities.

Do You Conduct Any Backup Sessions?

Yes, we will be conducting backup sessions to the students who miss any of the important classes.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of this course?

Yes, upon successful completion of this certification course, you will be given a course completion certificate.

Is this Python Training Course Fee is Affordable?

Yes, our course fee is very much affordable. Python training in Hyderabad provided by Kelly Technologies software training institute covers concepts from basics to advanced level topics. Join the Python certification course training and become a certified expert. This is also the best platform among IT fresher's. We offer quality training at affordable fee

Do You Provide Python Online Classes?

Yes, in addition to our classroom training, we do offer an online Python learning program with live classes. If you are looking for Python programming online then joining our Python online training institute in Hyderabad will be a smart choice. We undoubtedly offer the best online Python course in Hyderabad. Besides Python online course training, we also offer Python corporate training. 

Do You Conduct Any Webinar or Demo Sessions?

Yes, to help the aspirants get a clear idea about our Python Training in Hyderabad program & about the programming industry, we will be conducting frequent free demo & webinar sessions.